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The High Desert climate can produce fruit so good it’s memorable: What you need to know about chill-hours, Southwest Injury, variety, planting, irrigation. “That just might be the best peach (or pear, or plum) I’ve ever eaten!” Many high-desert residents can bring to mind specific times they’ve heard or made

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Discovering a wasp nest in or around your home is the last thing you want over summer. However, getting rid of it is relatively simple. Wasps seldom get a good press, not least because their stings can be painful and in some extreme cases may induce an anaphylactic shock. Because

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Mel Bartholomew radically changed the gardening world when he developed and demonstrated the concept of square foot gardening. In the 1970s a man by the name of Mel Bartholomew radically changed the thought processes of gardeners all across the country when he developed and demonstrated the concept of square foot

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Maintain a healthy lawn by reseeding at the right time of year and with the right type of grass, depending on the region in which you live. Grass seed is divided into two broad categories: cold-weather region and warm-weather region. Cold weather regions, or northern regions, are subject to deep

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Eastertime for gardeners is a time to prepare for the summer. Repairing winter damage and starting lawn maintenance are two key tasks. Planning changes to the garden, pruning shrubs, and preparing the lawn are all essential tasks for the gardener wishing to make the most of the summer. Experienced gardeners

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This double-fence design keeps elk out of yards and gardens. It’s simple, well designed, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and attractive. Most elk fencing, used in states like Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and throughout the Southwest, measures 7-8 feet tall. Past experience stipulated that “going to greater heights” was the best

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Hi I'm Felicitas. BulbtoBlossom was born with all of my whole-hearted love of Landscaping & Gardening. This is my pretty little house surrounded by colorful trees and flowers, where I want to share my love of gardening, my knowledge about the nature as well as creative exterior decoration ideas with you.
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