What Is Manufactured Wood? (Different Wood Types & Benefits)

Today on the market, there are many different wood materials. When it comes to wooden furniture, people often wonder “what is manufactured wood” when they see relevant products in the market.

In the following article, we will together learn more about the concept of manufactured wood, how to distinguish it, and why furniture manufacturers and makers often love to use this type of wood.

Some manufactured wood planks

What Is Manufactured Wood?

Manufactured wood is used to distinguish it from “solid wood” – a type of wood taken from the trunk of a tree, is a product combined with many different ingredients, mainly glue and sawdust. Or it can also be a combination of wood panels or different pieces of wood. 

Manufactured wood allows carpenters to freely adjust dimensions such as the length and thickness of the wood to the exact design specifications they want.

Currently on the market furniture made of wood is very popular. However, each type of wood will have different advantages and disadvantages by the characteristics of each particular type of furniture. Most wooden furniture products use manufactured wood, from tables and chairs to houses, because of its versatility and versatility.

What Is The Difference Between Manufactured & Solid Wood?

Have you ever wondered the difference between two types: manufactured wood and solid wood?

First, solid wood furniture is made from solid natural wood, and people use glue to connect the wood panels. Furniture made from solid wood is usually weighty and sturdy and has a longer lifespan. And especially the products made from this wood are costly.

Solid Wood

But when using manufactured wood, you can own wooden furniture products at a more reasonable price.

Products made from manufactured wood are processed with a top layer of natural wood and coated with a thin layer of melamine to protect the wood surface against stains and scratches. The bottom layer will be plywood, which is also made of wood, but it is assembled from many different pieces of wood. 

After processing, products made from manufactured wood look as good as solid wood. And of course, the cost of these products will be cheaper, and the average lifespan is also lower than solid wood, which has an average lifespan of up to 100 years.

Benefits Of Manufactured Wood

Not only because of the low cost but also because of the following four benefits:

Higher fire resistance than solid wood

Manufactured wood will be added flame retardant chemicals in the production process. It helps reduce the density of oxygen in the solid wood, reducing the burning process if there is a problem.

Malleable flexibility

Unlike solid wood, manufactured wood is capable of meeting almost all kinds of complex designs.

Can customize the size of the furniture at will

Compared to solid wood products limited in size, manufactured wood will be an excellent choice for making large-sized products.

Produced wood does not expand or contract like solid wood

When faced with a constantly changing and humid temperature environment, solid wood will affect the quality of the product. But manufactured wood is mixed with chemicals that are resistant to water and moisture before processing and is often used in the construction of bathrooms and kitchens.

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How Many Different Types of Manufactured Wood?

There are five different types of manufactured wood, as demonstrated below:


It is a type of wood plank artificially produced based on forest wood (rubberwood, eucalyptus wood…). First, the wood cores from planted trees are put into the machine to be crushed into chips. Then it is mixed with glue and pressed again according to different standards and thicknesses.


We can easily recognize this type of board used in life, mainly in low-end furniture products, because the production cost is relatively cheap. Particle Board has a surface covered with a layer of Melamine or Acrylic, but when peeled off, it will reveal crushed wood chips. Usually, we will see Particle Board with wood colors such as yellow, brown, and moisture-proof boards are often blue.


Fiberboard is a building material made from wood fibers with the addition of binders, binders, and water-repellent chemical ingredients or not by pressing or drying wood pulp. Instead, manufacturers will soften raw materials, cook them in pressurized steam, and produce uniformly sized fibers. Some products made from Fiberboard can be mentioned as musical instruments and pianos.


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

In terms of structure, the MDF board has the essential components: wood fiber powder, adhesive, paraffin wax, wood protection agent (anti-termite, anti-mold), inorganic filler powder. This material is used to produce high-end furniture products, such as office desks, dining tables, wardrobes, beds…


Because this wood has poor water resistance, it ensures no elasticity or shrinkage at the same time with low product cost and uniform size board.


Plywood is wood made from many thin, similar-sized wooden boards stacked and bonded with special glue. Plywood is fireproof, heat, and soundproof.


Plywood is often used in home interior design mainly.


Veneer is a thin sheet of wood produced from natural wood, about 0.3-0.6mm thick and less than 3mm (1/8 inch).


Veneer panels are often used to manufacture high-end products such as wooden products, wardrobes, car interiors, musical instruments (such as violins, guitars…)


Hopefully, the information mentioned above has answered the question “What is manufactured wood?”. Then, depending on your needs and financial situation, you can choose your wood products to your liking.

Thanks to the combination of processing two types of production, wood and solid wood, it is possible to reduce production costs and create wood products with high applicability and adaptability to different conditions. However, solid wood is still appreciated for its safety, thanks to its 100% natural wood construction.