What Color Cabinets Go with Stainless Steel Appliances?

 Picking colours in your kitchen when you have bought some new stainless steel appliances can be difficult. There are many great colours out there that go with steel. Although some colours are much better than others, it just depends on the rest of the interior of your home. It also depends on the colour of your flooring, ceiling and walls. Either way, this article will discuss the multiple colours that you can pick for those beautiful new appliances that you got.

Photo by Cleyder Duque from Pexels

Basic White and Stainless Steel

White is the easy go-to colour for everything in your house. It even looks great in your kitchen. It might be a little too plain for you however, it is the easy go-to. There is a strong contrast between both steel and white. It is also one of the cleanest colours to choose although it can be difficult to keep clean.

Choosing white cupboards and draws looks great with a black marble top. You cannot go wrong with a white and black combination. Black is the perfect colour for kitchen tops because the dirt doesn’t show up as easily. However, remember to clean your kitchen tops before you begin cooking. Just because you cannot see the dirt does not mean that it is not there.

Colours of Gray

Stainless steel is a shade of gray so choosing other shades of gray will go perfect with those new appliances. The different shades go well together making it very consistent and basic. Simplicity is key when it comes to interior design. You are either one of those people that prefers brighter colours or you prefer neutral colours. Slate or granite worktops will go well with the colour of your cupboards.

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The stainless steel is the centerpiece of the kitchen compared to the other grays. If you wish to add a bit of colour to the kitchen then pick a canvas on the wall or a bowl with some fake fruit. You could also go with the healthy option and choose some actual fruit.

Natural Brown

Brown is another easy colour to pick when it comes to combining it with stainless steel. The natural wood look will be complimentary to your oak furniture if you have any in the room. The mixture of brown cabinets with the stainless steel colour goes well together. More so than what you think.

Again, this all depends on the colour of your flooring. If you have an oak wood floor then choose a darker shade of brown. Iroko or bamboo are the colours that you should be targeting if you have an oak wood floor. Maybe even cherry wood or mahogany wood just to darken the room a bit. There is a slight difference between cherry and mahogany so have a look at the difference before picking either of these colours. 

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

There are many more woods that you can choose when it comes to your kitchen. The best part about choosing wood for your kitchen is that it naturally adds colour to the rest of the room. Meaning that you do not have to worry about any artwork on your wall. Although wall art prints are something that can be a great addition to your question.

Vibrant Colours

This is the riskiest design that you can go for your kitchen cabinets. However, if you choose the right colour, it has the potential to look great. Picking these colours for your worktop can be difficult. You need to pick a more neutral colour for your worktop to look good with the cabinets and draws. An oak or grey worktop will go well with the bright colours that you choose.

Pastel is another colour that you can consider when it comes to your kitchen. Not necessarily bright but they certainly add colour to the rest of your kitchen. Turquoise, Carrot, Amethyst or Pomegranate are all great colours that you can have for your kitchen.

Colour Combinations To Choose

We have established the different colours that you can choose when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. Now, time to discuss the different combinations that you can pick when it comes to cabinets. It is all well and good picking vibrant colours for your cabinets. But, they have got to go with the wall as well.

White Cabinets

The wall could have black tiles in the bottom third of the wall so they sit above the worktop. The rest of the wall can be whatever colour you want. You could also paint the walls to add colour to the rest of your kitchen. Choose taupe, soft grey, tan, yellow-gold or a soft brown for the walls.

Colourful Cabinets

Vibrant colours are an easy way to add a bit of life to your kitchen. White walls are the easy choice if you are choosing to have colour for your cabinets. However, brilliant white is a bit too bright. Go for a slightly darker colour such as oatmeal or off-white. Just so the contrast between the two isn’t too extreme.

To Conclude

Choosing the cabinets all depends on the colour of your flooring and walls. Stainless steel can go with any colour. If you lack natural light in your kitchen then we recommend going for brighter colours. If you are the opposite and you have got plenty of light from your recessed lights then pick darker colours.