Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw: Which Saw Should You Choose?

Scroll saws are widely used in woodworking due to the various advantages that they bring. On the other hand, band saws have proven to be a valuable tool with good user ratings for ease and accuracy.

As a result, the comparison between a scroll saw vs band saw has boggled many people’s minds.


If you are one of them and are still unsure about selecting a proper woodworking tool, keep on reading to the end. This article will explain the key similarities and differences between a scroll saw and a band saw, which will help you make the right decisions before you spend your money.

Overview Of Scroll Saw And Band Saw

What is a scroll saw?

It is one of the most frequent devices used by carpenters. The saw is unusual, having blades and unique construction to cut materials into various sizes, appearances, and lines.

If a conventional saw only cuts straight lines or angles of inclination, a scroll saw may view the straight lines, curve, or any dimension. It is built with a stand to keep the machine in one place, and when you need to cut, move the materials on the machine rather than the saw; thus, the cutting lines are completely precise.


What is a band saw?

A band saw is another type of saw that is used in factories, professional extensive production facilities. It is a large-sized, high-capacity saw to cut thick materials. Additionally, the band saw is made from solid, high-grade alloy materials on the cutting-edge production line. Thus, it is durable and capable of withstanding harsh working conditions.

The band saw, like other saws, has some distinctive characteristics that allow it to cut the wood into a variety of styles. Consequently, craftsmen may quickly make accurate and elegant items that appeal to clients because of their versatility.


Scroll Saw & Band Saw: 2 Main Similarities

Since both of these tools have valued characteristics and acceptable quality, scroll saws and band saws are usually employed in woodworks. Here is the list of similarities between scroll saws and band saws.


  • Cutting the table surface: Drill a ½ inch deep hole for an accurate cut. Then, mark with tape to help the surface not be scratched during the sawing process. These saws are an excellent choice for cutting curves in the table’s corner, and the final cut parallels the wall.
  • Cutting tiles: To reach the correct proportion, you need to clamp them firmly and spray them with a layer of water to generate a slippery feeling, allowing the cut to move more quickly.
  • Cutting metal: Besides cutting wood and tiles, both saws are also used to cut other metal surfaces.

Working principle

The scroll saw and band saw are based on the same operating principles and methods as regular hand saws. They are nonetheless provided with easy and convenient operation techniques.

When the machine is switched on, the electricity goes into the engine and rotates the shaft. The shaft then spins via the intermediate drive, influencing and moving the saw shaft. The saw blade is then fixed on the saw shaft and set screw; therefore, the rotating mechanical shaft will move the blade.

Don’t let their simple working principles fool you. They are valuable instruments to help your job become more efficient.

Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw: 5 Main Differences


Although they have the same essential function and operating principle, scroll saw and band saw also contain many main differences that you can consider before making your own decisions.


The scroll saw is the most compact and lightweight machine used to make souvenirs with high economic value. The machine has a plastic part to protect the blade and the user’s hand from accidentally touching the saw blade during the sawing process.

Furthermore, thanks to the design of the light bulb that lights the saw blade and the simple speed adjustment feature for different types of cutting materials, it can work day and night without a down in productivity.

Except for straight cuts, the band saw also cuts corners owing to the table, titled 00  – 450. Because of the fast cutting speed, each cut is clean and flat. Furthermore, the blade is thin, making it ideal for removing waste during the wood-cutting process. As a result, this is the equipment of choice for creating exquisite art using high-value wood materials.


A scroll saw is perfect for intricate details and complex projects that require pinpoint precision. This machine is also capable of producing a clean or complex cut. Many carpenters use it to make jigsaw puzzles, numerals, or letters out of wood and intricate cuts such as animals, states, and silhouettes.

On the other hand, a band saw is typically used to cut heavy materials. As a result, it’s prevalent in factories and extensive professional facilities. Likewise, the machine enables customers to handle large objects such as tables, shelves, and planter boxes; develop their style fast and effortlessly, and generate a fantastic result with the blade’s smooth movement.


The scroll saw’s blade is thin and delicate, measuring roughly 14 inches deep and 6-8 inches long. Due to the apparent thin blade, this machine cannot cut anything thicker than 2 inches, and even that is tough. As a result, it’s ideal for cutting small items that require a high level of precision.

On the other hand, a band saw is more powerful and has additional features for outer cuts. Its round blades are versatile and can cut everything from plastic to wood to metal, provided you select the correct type for your machine.



When compared to a band saw, a scroll saw is more flexible in use. It’s simple to move items about the table and cut anything down to the smallest detail with various lines, from straight to curved. Meanwhile, a band saw can only handle oversized items with precise cut lines, limiting it to a broader range of products.


The scroll saw pricing is very different. Scroll saws are available in the range of $100 and those close to $1000. The price difference is due to power and features. The majority of home woodworkers can get a good scroll saw for less than $500. However, professional fabricators will benefit from the more costly versions.

As for band saws, the price range fluctuates differently depending on different criteria. For instance, in the case of cutting power, band saws under $500 should be considered inferior to higher-tier band saws. Additionally, band saws with a price over $500 can enhance the cutting capacity more than the less expensive models.

Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw: Which Is Better For Your Needs?

In the previous sections, you may get an insight into the role of the two types of saws. The scroll saw is a wonderful choice, depending on its purpose and job, for anybody who works with intricate objects, such as models, labels, numbers, and animals.

Meanwhile, skilled woodworkers and massive production lines regularly create enormous items using band saws, which provide typical market demands such as chairs, furniture, nightstands, trims, bookshelves, etc.


Is a scroll saw safer than a band saw? 

A band saw is more hazardous than a scroll saw because of its strength and size. But before designing such saws, the designers might be able to evaluate how hazardous it is. During the sawing process, you have to pay attention to your hands and safeguard your eyes. Those are the two of the most vulnerable body parts to a sawing working process.

How can I make money with a scroll saw?

There is a wide range of ways to make it by using a scroll saw to improve your living standard. Here is the list of different things you can do: home decor, wood-blacked chairs, figurines, clocks, holiday ornaments, topography art,  wooden crosses, monogrammed signs, decorative boxes, wooden baskets, name plaques, etc.

What kind of wood should I use for a scroll saw?

There are many material classifications, while others are not as safe for usage. In most cases, weaker woods are utilized as your scroll saw gets to know. Meanwhile, the hardwoods are stronger and stronger, which may be utilized to maintain the form of a design, but not for novices since they require a high-skilled woodworker to cut.


By the end of this article, you must have grasped some useful information when choosing between a scroll saw vs bandsaw. A scroll saw appears to be quite similar to a band saw at first sight. Likewise, you may believe that they may be utilized for the same project categories. There is some overlap, but in reality, these saws are built for two completely different purposes.

For a tiny piece of wood, a scroll saw should be your ideal equipment when you create artistic, intricate cuts with many curved corners and inner cuts. The tiny, flexible blade was designed for high-precision work.

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