Ridgid vs DeWalt Planer: Which Is Better For Woodworking?

Trimming from a tough, thick board into smooth, thin, and equal pieces is impossible without the assistance of planers. A planer is woodworking equipment to trim a wood board from rough to smooth. This equipment emerges as a woodworker essential because of the increase in demand for smooth surfaces.

For the comparison, DeWalt DW735X and Ridgid R4331 are selected because they are two excellent representatives of planer categories of two brands. However, before coming up with the final decision, it is necessary to contemplate the features, specifications, and functions.


Ridgid and DeWalt compete in not only table saws, drills categories but also the planer product line. Overall, the DeWalt planer is ranked higher than that of the Ridgid. Nevertheless, those opinions are subjective. 

In this article, we provide a more in-depth explanation of the Ridgid vs DeWalt planer. As a result, you should eventually form your own judgment and decide which one is better.

Similarities Between Ridgid & DeWalt Planer


Both DeWalt and Ridgid planers use three blades to cut, ensuring the wood board’s complete smoothness. The reversible blades of DeWalt and Ridgid planers help products from these brands have a longer lifetime. 

In addition, the feature that helps DeWalt and Ridgid stay on top of the woodcutter is the reversible blade. Due to the reversible blade, cuts from these two pieces of equipment are highly sharp.

Motor Capacity

Both planers have a good load capacity at 15 Amp. At this load capacity, the planer works efficiently, and it can cut wood boards with great power. DeWalt DW735X and Ridgid R4331 can cut with the maximum depth of ⅛’’ and 12 ½ inches in width for DeWalt DW735X and 13 inches for Ridgid R4331.


Both products have stop and removal gauges, which are convenient as users do not have to measure the thickness when trimming. When users do not want to exceed the thickness, they can use the stop gauge to keep users from exceeding the set number. 

The DeWalt DW735X features a removal gauge, whereas the Ridgid R4331 features an Ind-I-Cut-Depth Gauge to measure the depth. Either two products have adjustable wheels that keep the top of the planer free to stage materials.

Ridgid vs DeWalt Planer: 7 Main Differences 


Overall, Ridgid R4331 is easier to set up than DeWalt DW735X. The design of DeWalt DW735X is more sophisticated yet complicated at the same time. Hence, it takes time for new beginners to familiarise themselves with the components and functions of DeWalt DW735X.


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Motor Speed

In comparison, DeWalt DW735X Planer has a higher speed than Ridgid R4331 r. In one minute, Ridgid R4331 can execute 27,000 cuts. This speed is even lower than DeWalt DW735X. The speed of the DeWalt DW735X is 30,000 cuts per minute. 

This feature helps DeWalt enlisted as one of the best planer producers. The DeWalt DW735X offers 20,000 motors, 10,000 rpm, while the Ridgid R4331 can only reach 10,000 motors and 9,000 rpm.

With the higher motor speed, DeWalt DW735X can cut thicker, bigger wood boards than Ridgid R4331. No models are better than the DeWalt DW735X in terms of durability. 

In particular, the DeWalt DW735X is renowned for its two-speed gearbox, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Speed 1 enables the blade to cut 179 times per inch, so the outcome is very smooth. Speed 2 has lower cuts per inch (96), yet the lumber dimension is quicker. Ridgid’s R4331 does not have this feature, so another bonus for the product from the DeWalt brand.

When screening this part, if interested in DeWalt, please visit here for more details.

Dust collection

Regarding dust collection, DeWalt DW735X has the exceptional blow motor to blow the extra chips from the cutting board. There are opinions from current users that DeWalt DW735X has an incredible airflow system, which prevents dust and shavings from building up on the blade. 


Although both brands are well-known for powerful blades, DeWalt DW735X is slightly disadvantageous. However, there is some feedback complaining about the blade of the DeWalt DW735X as it wears out so quickly compared to Ridgid Planer R4331. If you do not mind this point, the DeWalt DW735X will be great. Moreover, DeWalt provides buyers with an extra blade for alternative use. 

Feed Table

The feed table is an indispensable part of a planer. While inspecting planer models before purchasing, consumers must pay close attention to the size of a feed table because a large feed extension helps the planer provide extra workpiece support to remove as many snipes as possible. The larger a feed table, the better the planer would be. 

DeWalt DW735X and Ridgid R4331 are advantageous than other brands because of the largest infeed and outfeed table extensions. Regarding this element, DeWalt DW735X has a larger feed table than that of Ridgid.  In addition, the DeWalt DW735X has the sturdy aluminum cast bait to stand the very thick wood.



Not only can woodworkers use planers for fixtures in the workshop, but they also need them for outdoor tasks. Regarding weight, Ridgid R4331 is lighter than DeWalt DW735X. The weight of Ridgid R4331 is 73lbs, whereas DeWalt DW735X weighs 92 lbs. Thus, the DeWalt planer is nearly 20 lbs heavier than the Ridgid planer. 

The lightweight design makes Ridgid R4331 more ideal as a portable planer. However, before moving, remember to fold up the feed table to protect the equipment from scratch and impacts. 

The foldable extension table of the Ridgid R4331 is very agile compared to the DeWalt DW735X. Some online reviews state that the DeWalt DW735X is bulky when moving as feed tables are too stiff to be folded. 


It is relatively subjective to compare the prices of these two because the price varies amongst retailers. Nevertheless, for your reference, we briefly mention the current value of these two items so that you can estimate your budget.

In almost every market, the average price for DeWalt planers is much more expensive than Ridgid. The difference in prices is around $300. On Amazon, the current price of DeWalt DW735X is $700 with the extra blade. 

For those who are still keen on DeWalt but cannot afford the DeWalt DW735X, you can have a look at the DeWalt DW734 model, which is cheaper than DeWalt DW735X but also works well.

Learn more about DeWalt DW735X and DeWalt DW734 here

Ridgid R4331 is quite ideal for new beginners or amateur woodworkers due to its simplicity and cost-friendly. It is worth investing in one from Ridgid for those in need but with a limited budget. Ridgid R4331’s price lies between $400 to $450.


1. What are the best planers on the market?

Besides Dewalt and Ridgid, consumers can also consider other brands like Porter, Delta, Makita, and Triton. The products’ value of these brands could be less expensive than Dewalt, but the quality is not compromised either.

2. What elements should I look for when buying a wood planer?

When selecting the planer, users should consider motor speed, motor capacity, depth adjustment, cut per inch, and dust collection because it undermines whether the outcome would be good or bad.


It is a dilemma to compare Ridgid vs Dewalt planer. After evaluation, the pros of DeWalt DW735X and Ridgid R4331 are corresponding and vice versa for the cons. According to the press release, DeWalt has more unique features, whereas Ridgid is more user-friendly. 

Overall, DeWalt is more appreciated because it saves money in the long run because of higher durability and extra accessories given in the package. Genuinely speaking, DeWalt DW735W provides more precise cuts. However, due to the significant price difference, it is better to deliberate before buying as the Ridgid planer is quite potential.

Hopefully, these pieces of information are helpful for you, so you can pick ones that suit your needs and budget. Please help us to spread this information to your friends and relatives or those who may need it.