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Bermuda Grass And St. Augustine: Which One Is Better?

There are various types of grass on the seed showcase; therefore, selecting the most appropriate kind to build up your yard is significantly essential. It is worth researching different sorts to keep your garden healthy and vivid.  Therefore, this article will provide you with a blow-by-blow comparison between Bermuda Grass And St. Augustine to narrow […]

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Pollinating Apple Trees

Self-Pollinating Dwarf Apple Trees for Landscaping

If you only have a small area to grow trees in, consider growing the dwarf variety of the apple tree. Many of these trees are also self-fertile. Dwarf apple trees are fruit trees that are grafted from their standard-sized counterpart. They are smaller in size but grow normal-sized apples that are large, juicy, and tart. […]

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Flying Dragon Citrus

Landscape Uses of Flying Dragon Citrus

The cold hardy citrus tree, Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon,’ adds four seasons of fabulous flair to the public or private garden. Backyard gardeners living above the citrus belt have long desired cold hardy citrus with edible fruit. Considered cold hardy to minus 20°F, Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ is grown in USDA zones 5-9. Citrus is […]

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Common Persimmon - Picturesque Ornamental Landscape Fruit Tree

Common Persimmon – Picturesque Ornamental Landscape Fruit Tree

The slender native common persimmon tree, Diospyros virginiana, with fabulous fall foliage and flaxen fruit is a picturesque ornamental landscape tree. The common persimmon is naturally found across the eastern U.S. from New England to Florida and west to Kansas and Texas. The hardy tree can be grown in USDA hardiness zones 4-9. The tree […]

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How to Transplant Roses

How to Transplant Roses: Expert Tips and Advice

No matter what reason you have for transplanting doesn’t go start ripping roots out of the ground without reading this. Whatever reason you have for transplanting roses you will find the endeavor a bit easier if you follow these few instructions. You may be very anxious to move your plants and have some constraints on […]

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spring flowering plants

Easter Parade of Spring Flowering Plants in Southern Landscapes

Sample an Easter Parade of spring-flowering plants from southern states as a prelude to the season of renewed life. Every spring leading up to Easter Sunday a succession procession of bulbs, vines, shrubs, and trees put forth a profusion of colorful and sometimes scented blossoms. Mother Nature’s Easter parade line-up fluctuates yearly depending upon the […]

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American Sycamore

American Sycamore: Best and Fastest Growing Shade Tree

Plant an American shade tree that will amaze you with its growth. Why wait forever to get some much-needed shade when you need it? There are many exotic trees being hyped as fast-growing shade trees these days. Pricey trees with fancy names entice buyers, but for the best shade in the quickest time, you just […]

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orange tree

How to Grow an Orange Tree at Home in Simple Steps

Orange growing at home enables gardeners to enjoy all the health and healing benefits of oranges. Orange trees are fairly simple to grow. Fruit lovers do not need an orchard or acres of land to grow delicious oranges. Successfully growing orange trees requires gardeners to learn the basic factors that these trees need to survive […]

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wisteria 1

Landscaping Ideas with Wisteria

Learn to the many different ways that you can landscape with wisteria. Are you looking for a beautiful flowering plant to help fill in some space in your garden? Or do you have a fence that you’d love to beautify by growing a flowering vine along with it? In four-season climates, a wisteria is an […]

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A Guide for Growing Nut Trees in the Home Garden

A Guide for Growing Nut Trees in the Home Garden Easily

Propagating nut trees to add to the home garden is an ideal way to provide healthy, great-tasting nuts for the whole family. Nut trees provide precious food for humans, birds and other small animals in the wild. The edible nuts are rich in phytonutrients, selenium, fiber, and Vitamin E. Not only do nut trees provide […]

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