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train vines to the lamppost

How to Train Vines to Your Lamppost with Old Fencing

Learn how to use old fencing to encourage vines to grow up your lamppost. Are you looking for a way to jazz up your lamp post or porch light? There are a number of plants, pillar roses, for example, that can be trained to grow up lamp posts. However, to make it really simple, choose […]

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How to Create the Perfect Landscape Design

How to Create the Perfect Landscape Design

Careful planning is a key ingredient for uniting all the elements that make up a beautiful garden. A well-designed yard yields a number of benefits, the most important of which is the enjoyment we gain from its use. A close second is a pleasure derived from beholding a beautifully landscaped garden. And, thirdly, unless you […]

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How to Transplant Roses

How to Transplant Roses: Expert Tips and Advice

No matter what reason you have for transplanting doesn’t go start ripping roots out of the ground without reading this. Whatever reason you have for transplanting roses you will find the endeavor a bit easier if you follow these few instructions. You may be very anxious to move your plants and have some constraints on […]

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How to Perk Up Your Front Yard

How to Perk Up Your Front Yard and Facade

You might have a beautifully decorated house interior and a wonderful backyard deck or patio, but the only feature that most people see is the front. Many suburban front yards consist of a lawn, walkway, concrete porch stoop, and a couple of evergreen shrubs. Think of this area as a place that’s full of potential: […]

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Lawn mowing

Garden Maintenance at Easter: Lawns and General Tasks

Eastertime for gardeners is a time to prepare for the summer. Repairing winter damage and starting lawn maintenance are two key tasks. Planning changes to the garden, pruning shrubs, and preparing the lawn are all essential tasks for the gardener wishing to make the most of the summer. Experienced gardeners will have already done some […]

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spring flowering plants

Easter Parade of Spring Flowering Plants in Southern Landscapes

Sample an Easter Parade of spring-flowering plants from southern states as a prelude to the season of renewed life. Every spring leading up to Easter Sunday a succession procession of bulbs, vines, shrubs, and trees put forth a profusion of colorful and sometimes scented blossoms. Mother Nature’s Easter parade line-up fluctuates yearly depending upon the […]

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recycling in the garden

Garden Recycling: Turn Your Trash into Garden Treasures

Don’t throw away your old swing set or bed frame, use it in your garden. Creating a garden can be expensive these days. Along with the costs of plants, fertilizers, soil improvers, disease control, and pest control, purpose-built garden infrastructure, such as trellises for climbing plants and raised garden beds, add even more to your […]

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Elk-Proof Fence for Yard and Garden

This double-fence design keeps elk out of yards and gardens. It’s simple, well designed, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and attractive. Most elk fencing, used in states like Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and throughout the Southwest, measures 7-8 feet tall. Past experience stipulated that “going to greater heights” was the best way to elk- and deer-proof […]

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Meditation garden

Landscape Design: Neglected Shady Site Becomes Meditation Garden

Large east-facing picture windows in a narrow hallway of a senior residence frame a setting difficult to plant and establish, shaded by a crabapple tree. This continuously used hallway leads from the main lobby to first floor apartments and elevators. Several attempts by landscape maintenance companies produced disappointing results. Plant selections failed in this difficult […]

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American Sycamore

American Sycamore: Best and Fastest Growing Shade Tree

Plant an American shade tree that will amaze you with its growth. Why wait forever to get some much-needed shade when you need it? There are many exotic trees being hyped as fast-growing shade trees these days. Pricey trees with fancy names entice buyers, but for the best shade in the quickest time, you just […]

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