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recycling in the garden

Garden Recycling: Turn Your Trash into Garden Treasures

Don’t throw away your old swing set or bed frame, use it in your garden. Creating a garden can be expensive these days. Along with the costs of plants, fertilizers, soil improvers, disease control, and pest control, purpose-built garden infrastructure, such as trellises for climbing plants and raised garden beds, add even more to your […]

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Meditation garden

Landscape Design: Neglected Shady Site Becomes Meditation Garden

Large east-facing picture windows in a narrow hallway of a senior residence frame a setting difficult to plant and establish, shaded by a crabapple tree. This continuously used hallway leads from the main lobby to first floor apartments and elevators. Several attempts by landscape maintenance companies produced disappointing results. Plant selections failed in this difficult […]

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Vintage Door/Shelf DIY – Decorative Functional Illuminating

I paid $40 for this door that came off a house in Mexico. I decided to make it into a leaning shelf. And later thought to attach a light fixture. I stumbled upon this glorious find on lowe’s.com. It was exactly what I was looking for and only $24.98! Here are some of the other […]

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Ornamental Shrubs for Landscaping

Essentials of Florida Gardening: Four Must Have Ornamental Shrubs

Shrubs are an essential foundation plant. They will add color, appeal and structure to your landscape, plus value and equity to your home. Florida homeowners have a large variety of plants to choose from, including trees and shrubs to enhance their landscapes. Shrubs are the backbone to your home’s landscape. Shrubs can provide foliage, flowers, […]

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flowers and plants for small gardens

Why You Should Choose Perennials for Small Gardens

Perennial plants in a small garden maintain order and are easy-to-care-for.A small space needs a strong design and judicious plant selection: It needs a big impact! A small garden with perennial plants will have a lasting effect and will require little maintenance. Summary: Get it Done in Four Stages or DIY A landscape designer provides […]

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Backyard Staggered Hedge Landscape

10 Steps to Install a Staggered Hedge Landscape Feature for Privacy

Learn how to shield your garden, enclose your patio or define an outdoor living space with a double hedgerow of evergreen, flowering or deciduous shrubs. A staggered hedge is actually two rows of hedge plants located close together and meshing into a single hedgerow. A staggered hedgerow yields an extra thick hedge, which provides shelter […]

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Rustic Stone Path in Cottage Garden

How to Install a Rustic Stone Path in a Cottage Garden

It is easy and inexpensive to add a stone pathway to your garden. Here is a step-by-step guide with photos. Installing a stone garden path yourself requires a some time and physical effort, but very little money or expertise. A less-than-perfect result adds charm, and any flaws in stone spacing can ultimately be hidden by […]

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Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud Tree & Flower

Easy to Grow Small to Medium Trees for the Suburban Landscape

Discover reasonably-sized low maintenance beautiful tree varieties to enrich your landscape. Are you looking for a way to beautify your landscape with lovely flowering or shade producing trees? Or would you like to accent your yard with a few focal points? There are many easy to maintain tree varieties that add lasting grace and year […]

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