How To Use TSP Cleaner For Cabinets? Is It Good For Cleaning?

Higher chances are everyone has at least once in their life heard about TSP cleaner for cabinets. Indeed, homeowners praise this product a lot as it’s a super effective and adaptable way of home cleaning. However, there is a lot more to discover. If you want to know more about TSP cleaners, today’s post is for you.

What Is A TSP Cleaner? 

TSP (NA3PO4) is an abbreviation for trisodium phosphate, a renowned cleaning solution and spot treatment that comprises phosphoric acid neutralized using sodium hydroxide.


Most of the time, household TSP cleaners are available in a white powder or granule formulation. However, when it meets water, chemicals happen and result in something we call an alkaline cleaning solution that eliminates greasy kitchen accumulations that hold us back from having fresh, new paint on cabinets.

If your house cupboards possess mold, mildew, intense smoke, or coatings of accumulated dirt, TSP mixed with a bit of bleach is excellent in eliminating these as well. Simply put, a TSP cleanser paired with household bleach kills mold and mildew in the blink of an eye.

Why Should I Use A TSP Cleaner For Cabinets?

Now, you might wonder why to use this specific cleaning solution but not others. If it’s the case, consider these 4 most significant benefits of TSP cleaners.

It’s effortless to utilize 

First and foremost, this solution is an excellent grease remover that is effortless to utilize. All it requires is a little water to dilute it, and there you have it – a versatile cleaner that works with almost every cleaning tool: brush, cloth, mop, you name it.

The formula is super efficient and powerful

Indeed, it works wonders on grime, grease, chipped paint, and stains of all kinds while performing beautifully on different surfaces and materials. Moreover, TSP cleaners could eat through paint quickly, which is beneficial for cleansing an area you intend to paint. 

Additionally, homeowners can benefit from TSP cleaners because these solutions clean your kitchen cabinets and different wall surfaces (including wood, cement, granite, and brick) like a dream. 


You may also pair it with a pressurized washer to wash your garages or outdoor items such as decks – it will just deliver the best work possible.

It performs admirably as a powerful stripping agent

TSP is among domestic DIY paint removers that homeowners may use to eliminate the existing paint off wood, concrete, and other surfaces. Trust me; it also works excellent for eradicating the odor of smoke (such as cigarette smoke) from any surface.

Yet, you must proceed cautiously when applying it because even minor touch with your skin can trigger inflammation or irritation, notably if you are suffering from skin conditions. 

It does not leave an irritating stench, is affordable, and is easy to store 

Indeed, TSP is a colorless, odorless, inorganic chemical. In other words, should you utilize it for home maintenance, it does not exude the annoying smell we usually spot in many different commercial solvents.


Furthermore, most grocery stores and internet-based retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon sell the formula at a meager cost.

Another favorite feature is that you can keep it for an extended period (approximately 3-4 years) without giving up the ghost. Store it in an airtight, zippered plastic container in a chilly, dry location, and it’ll be your great assistance for years to come.

How To Use TSP Cleaner For Cleaning Cabinets

Utilizing TSP cleaners for household cabinets cleaning isn’t as tricky as you think. All you have to do is follow our 4 steps below, and you’re all set.

Prepare the cleaning mixture

First and foremost, you’ll have to create your TSP cleaning mixture before you start cleaning the cabinets. This necessitates a combination of 1⁄4 cup of TSP to every gallon of hot water. Although it’s the usual rule of thumb, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand.


After you’ve mixed the solution, you may start getting the surface and nearby region ready for cleaning.

Prepare the surface

Make sure the space around the cabinets is free of pets or children. Then, give the surface a quick clean by using a drop cloth made of canvas or plastic. 

Meanwhile, ensure that you’ve also removed any items from the spot you’ll be cleaning. If you wish to avoid any extra problem from ruining a rug or introducing other unpleasant mishaps, consider this a good measure.

Clean the cabinets

You may begin cleaning your cupboards once you’ve loaded the TSP cleaner to the cleaning area. For this process, it’s best to utilize a big sponge or brush. However, any equivalent scrubbing tool would suffice.


Be careful to clean all nooks and crannies, in and out. The purpose of applying TSP cleaning is to eliminate stubborn grease and dirt that conventional solvents can’t get rid of, so give it your best shot here – it would take quite a long time scrubbing and cleaning.

Should you want to make sure the area is perfectly spotless, start an additional clean to clean all the places that might have gone overlooked the first time.

Rinse the cabinets

Now that you’re done with cleaning and scrubbing your cabinets thoroughly, the next step is to give it a proper rinse and allow it to sit till it’s dry. This step serves to eliminate any remaining TSP mixture along with the grime you scraped out using the TSP.

You’ll be able to wash everything away with only a touch of lukewarm water. That stated, if you are cleaning wood cupboards, be cautious not to use too much water since this might cause severe damage.


Are TSP cleaners toxic?

TSP, as previously stated, is a notorious irritating chemical that may trigger skin issues if you come into touch with it in significant quantities. However, it doesn’t leave any hazardous smell or residue.

Rubber gloves plus safety glasses may easily prevent any irritation, but it’s still worth mentioning, notably for individuals having sensitive skin or problematic skin.

Are TSP cleaners good for the environment?

People have labeled TSP cleaners “environmentally hazardous” in the past few years, and with good reason. Indeed, scientists have proven phosphate, one of its primary ingredients, to harm the environment.

Although this problem is only one of TSP cleaners’ limited disadvantages, the product is harmful and has led to its usage as a cleaner becoming prohibited in some areas.


TSP cleaner for cabinets is unarguably among the best cleaning solutions in the market nowadays. It boasts a wide range of benefits and comes at a competitive price, making it widely accessible and versatile. Although this product does feature a few limitations (as mentioned above), it’s still the favorite choice of so many households nowadays. 

Thus, if you’re looking for a solution to get rid of those stubborn grease stains, give it a go. It won’t fail your expectations!