How to Clean Area Rug on Laminate Floor?

I’ve been in the carpet industry since past 7 years now, and two things I’ve come to accept as facts are:

  1. Handmade rugs are more durable and long-lasting than machine-made ones
  2. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a must if you don’t want the rug to get old before its time

However, cleaning a rug that’s placed on laminate floors can be a daunting task, considering that any kind of water or moisture may ruin the floor underneath by causing it to swell and rise.

Clean Area Rug on Laminate Floor

Rug Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Whether you own a handmade Bokhara rug, or have purchased any other type of hand-knotted rug for sale, the question of “how to keep it clean” must be on the top of your mind, right?

Here are two easy and quick rug cleaning methods that you can follow even if the rug is placed over laminate flooring:

Method 1: The Baking Soda Hack

This is quite a popular way of rug cleaning, and an effective one as well. All you need is a pack of baking soda, a vacuum cleaner, and a bristle brush.

First, sprinkle the baking soda in an adequate amount over your rug’s entire surface. Spread it evenly with the help of a bristle brush and leave it on for a couple of hours. You can also leave it overnight for the baking soda to absorb all the dirt and oils from your rug’s fibers.

Next, get your vacuum cleaner and clean the rug thoroughly, removing the baking soda as well as all the excessive dirt and dust with it.

This hack works really well if you’re dealing with bad carpet odor or your pet’s urine smell. Mix up baking soda with white vinegar, and you’d have your own DIY carpet cleaning solution that can work wonders on handmade rugs!

Method 2: Use a Steamer

This method is best for a proper deep cleaning of your rug at home, without any professional help.

You’d need to buy a steamer for this, but considering you’ve already invested in an exquisite rug, this purchase would be worth it.

To start cleaning, you can follow the instructions on the steamer’s packaging on how to clean an area rug.

Keep in mind, this is a time-taking process, and although your rug would get cleaned thoroughly, you’d have to wait for some days for the rug to dry out properly.

The drying period is not definite, it mostly depends on the size of your area rug. If the rug is large, drying can take up to two days. On the other hand, a couple of hours are often enough for smaller-sized area rugs.

To quicken the drying process, open all the windows and doors to help the air circulate through your room. You can also turn on the ceiling fans, if there are any, or use a standing fan and place it in front of your rug.

After making sure the rug has dried completely and there’s no more moisture left, vacuum it once. The fibers of your rug may now appear a bit matted and squished, lift them up using a brush with soft bristles, or simply with the help of your fingers.

The area rug would now look as good as new!

Note: I won’t recommend you to steam clean a handmade rug every other month. Just do it once or twice a year to keep the dirt and dust particles from ruining your rug’s fibers.

If you’re not sure how to handle it all on your own, don’t risk damaging an expensive rug and call professional cleaners to get the job done right!