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Licensed Electrician

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Electrician For Your Electrical Repairs?

Eventually, we all have to deal with some sort of electrical issue in or around our homes. However, trying to fix electrical issues by yourself may be risky. You may risk electrocution, fire, or even death if you are not careful. If you do not have the experience, it may be best to call a […]

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coffee stain in sink

How to Remove Coffee Stain from Sinks

Save money by practicing coffee stain removal from sinks with these great remedies. There is no need to pay a professional to remove those coffee stains. When it comes to coffee stain removal from sinks, coffee is one of the worst liquids that can permanently mark areas of your home. Getting rid of it can […]

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How to Sweat a Copper Pipe Fitting – A Simple Guide You Should Know

Sweating copper pipe fittings is a very basic procedure, but one which intimidates many people. While it will take some practice, you can sweat copper pipes. Most homes use copper pipes for their plumbing needs. While a professional plumber can fit and install these pipes with relative ease, it is also possible for the weekend […]

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Acrylic Bathtub

A Quick Guide to Installing an Acrylic Bathtub/Shower

If you cringe at the thought of allowing someone else to install your beautiful new bathtub/shower combo and you are good with tools, this guide is for you. Before the big installation day, go down into your basement or crawl space and have a look at the plumbing and water lines that go to your […]

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How to Install Recessed Lights in Drop Ceilings

Have a low drop ceiling where surface mount fixtures won’t work? Consider using recessed lights for a modern look and still maintain that ceiling height. Things You’ll Need Tape measure Laser level Hammer Nails Cross tee Hole saw Drill Recessed lighting consists of a can light fixture installed above the ceiling tiles. It is the […]

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Vintage Door/Shelf DIY – Decorative Functional Illuminating

I paid $40 for this door that came off a house in Mexico. I decided to make it into a leaning shelf. And later thought to attach a light fixture. I stumbled upon this glorious find on lowe’ It was exactly what I was looking for and only $24.98! Here are some of the other […]

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