Cherry Wood vs Mahogany Wood: Which One Is Better?

Wood is one of the leading choices for interior decoration due to its aesthetics and high durability. In which, cherry wood and mahogany wood are the two most popular kinds. 

If you are interested in wood but have not known the differences between cherry wood vs mahogany wood, continue reading to clearly understand these two as well as their outstanding features. 

Cherry wood vs Mahogany wood: which one is better? 

Overview Of Cherry Wood & Mahogany Wood

  1. What is Cherry Wood? 

Cherry is a woody plant grown mainly in Washington and California, United States. Cherry wood is always appreciated for its durability and aesthetics, so it is used to make furniture.

Cherry wood is mainly used in central rooms such as dining rooms and bedrooms due to its high homogeneity.

Besides, cherry wood is also popular due to the variety of colors. Each cherry tree produces wood panels in various colors, and they can change color over time.

There are a total of 6 varieties of cherry wood, including black cherry, sweet cherry, Brazilian cherry, Patagonian cherry, Caribbean cherry, and Chilean cherry.

Cherry wood furniture

  1. What is Mahogany Wood? 

Mahogany is also one of the priority choices for making furniture. This wood comes from the Caribbean and Central and South American.

In addition to being famous for making furniture, it is also used to make great musical instruments. Therefore, mahogany is widely used around the world due to its beautiful color and high applicability. 

There are some common types of mahogany, including Honduran mahogany (Swietenia Humilis), American mahogany (Swietenia Mahagoni), and big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla). 

Mahogany wood furniture 

Cherry Wood Vs Mahogany Wood: In-Depth Comparison

  1. Heartwood and Sapwood pattern

Sapwood is considered the wood’s outer covering and a channel to transport water and nutrients to the leaves for plant development. However, sapwood is also a food source of insects, so they often attack this part. Therefore, the sapwood should be maintained to prevent insects. 

Heartwood is the inner core. Due to the presence of natural chemical compounds, the heartwood is resistant to insects and rot.

All woods have heartwood and sapwood. This is a striking difference between cherry wood and mahogany wood.

Sapwood and Heartwood 

  • Cherry wood 

Cherry sapwood is relatively narrow, white or deep reddish-brown, even creamy pink.

The heartwood has a color darker than the sapwood. Standard colors of cherry heartwood include deep red or reddish-brown.

  • Mahogany wood 

Different from cherry wood, mahogany sapwood has a yellowish-white color. The advantage of this wood is that it is less insect and rot-resistant than cherry wood.

The heartwood of mahogany is yellow, red, or pink. In addition, some dark gum pockets and white spots can occur in mahogany heartwood. 

  1. The grain of the wood 

Wood grain is an essential factor in evaluating wood’s quality and performance. Besides, the grain also helps determine the stability of the wood. 

The grain of cherry wood and mahogany wood have distinct properties.

  • Cherry wood 

Cherry wood has a delicate and uniform grain with rich, dark, wavy streaks. Cherry wood shows its preciousness based on these wave streaks.

The grain of cherry wood

  • Mahogany wood 

In contrast, mahogany has uniform grains from fine to coarse. Most mahogany grain is straight with interlocking patterned streaks.

The grain of mahogany wood 

  1. Wood uses
  • Cherry wood 

Cherry wood has a medium-density and high bendability. Besides, the resistance to rot and shock is also relatively good. Therefore, cherry wood is the main element in making toys, cabinet making, kitchen cabinets, paneling, doors, boat interiors, carvings, and many more.

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets 

  • Mahogany wood 

Compared to cherry, mahogany stands out as a more beautiful, durable, and stable wood. Due to its dark color, mahogany is mainly used to make decorative objects. Notably, it is used to make furniture, boats, flooring veneers, and the best uses for musical instruments.

Mahogany wood instruments

  1. The price 

Cherry wood and mahogany wood are much more expensive than other kinds of wood due to their high durability and high applicability. 

  • Cherry wood 

The prices of cherry wood ranges from $7 to $8 per board foot. Customers can buy in bulk to receive many incentives.

Don’t forget to check prices in many stores before buying.

  • Mahogany wood

In terms of mahogany, unfinished mahogany will cost from $6 to $30 per board foot, while the price of flooring pieces is about $5 to $10 per square foot. The mahogany used to make musical instruments costs much more because of the A-grade wood use. 

  1. Working properties

The final difference between these two kinds of wood is their working properties.

  • Cherry wood 

Although cherry wood is a hardwood, it is relatively more supple than mahogany. This fantastic feature is the perfect choice for creating beautiful pieces of furniture. In addition, Cherry wood can last a lifetime in an appropriate environment.

  • Mahogany wood 

Mahogany is a premium wood that can be cut with power tools and hand tools. However, it tends to crumble when the tool is not sharp enough. The open grain in mahogany is responsive to sanding, but the wood’s large pores must be sealed before applying the final coat for a smooth finish.

Cherry Wood Vs Mahogany Wood: Which Should You Choose? 

Both types of wood above have their unique advantages. Therefore, choose one of them according to your intended use.

Why choose cherry wood? 

Cherry wood has straight-grained qualities that make it easy to work with the tools.

Cherry wood’s high resistance makes it durable for a long time.

The malleable feature of cherry wood makes it easy to cut, mold and design.

Why choose mahogany wood? 

Mahogany with dark color possesses beautiful grain, which is likely to attract customers.

As highly durable hardwood, mahogany wood does not shrink and warp easily. 

Besides, this wood also has high machinability and polishing ability.


Hopefully, this article can help you understand how to tell cherry wood vs mahogany wood apart and choose a suitable one for your project. So please read it carefully and opt for the wood that best suits your taste.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the prices and the prominent differences while choosing to buy them. Finally, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a message.