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Landscaping Ideas with Wisteria

Learn to the many different ways that you can landscape with wisteria. Are you looking for a beautiful flowering plant to help fill in some space in your garden? Or do you have a fence that you’d love to beautify by growing a flowering vine along with it? In four-season climates, a wisteria is an […]

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Vintage Door/Shelf DIY – Decorative Functional Illuminating

I paid $40 for this door that came off a house in Mexico. I decided to make it into a leaning shelf. And later thought to attach a light fixture. I stumbled upon this glorious find on lowe’ It was exactly what I was looking for and only $24.98! Here are some of the other […]

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A Guide for Growing Nut Trees in the Home Garden

A Guide for Growing Nut Trees in the Home Garden Easily

Propagating nut trees to add to the home garden is an ideal way to provide healthy, great-tasting nuts for the whole family. Nut trees provide precious food for humans, birds and other small animals in the wild. The edible nuts are rich in phytonutrients, selenium, fiber, and Vitamin E. Not only do nut trees provide […]

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how to choose the right fertilizer

How to Choose the Right Fertilizer for Lawns and Plants

The brands of fertilizer available are often overwhelming. Information about what works best is often flawed. Knowledge yields the best results. Centipede is a popular grass especially in the southeastern U.S. It is low-maintenance, reasonably shade-tolerant, and makes a lush, attractive lawn when given proper care. When it comes to fertilizing many people tend to […]

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How to Grow a Glorious Garden

How to Grow a Glorious Garden

Surround your patio with easy beds of lush and vibrant Supertunia and Phlox ‘Intensia’. – Proven Winners Plants, with permission. Having gorgeous, fragrant blooms in your yard is easier than you think. Now is the perfect time of year to enjoy a new flower garden and, with a little effort, the results will bring pleasure […]

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Hydrangea Quercifolia

Hydrangea Quercifolia (Oakleaf Hydrangea) Native Landscape Shrub

Recently introduced cultivated varieties of oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) enliven contemporary garden landscapes with new colors, sizes, and uses. Present-day plant breeders like those at the U.S. National Arboretum (USNA) are demonstrating success in producing compact oakleaf hydrangea cultivars with impressive flowering characteristics. These modern cultivars provide potential for gardeners and landscape professionals to use […]

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4 Flowers for Creating a Spanish Theme Garden

Create a Spanish theme garden with flowers, vines, and shrubs. Use gravel and rocks to landscape the garden and mimic the rugged terrain of Spain. If you think your garden spot is too hot, too sunny or the soil is too rocky to grow hardly anything – think again. A Spanish theme garden maybe your […]

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Firmiana Simplex

How to Grow Chinese Parasol Tree – Firmiana Simplex

Add a touch of the tropics to the garden and luxuriate in the shade of a Chinese parasol tree, Firmiana Simplex. China is the world’s warehouse for trees of ornamental and economic value. One outstanding treasure, Firmiana simplex, hails from the temperate areas of China and Japan with a climate similar to the southeastern United […]

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How to Stop Slugs from Damaging Your Garden

Slugs are a common garden pest that can prove to be a major risk to young plants. This article aims to help you reduce the number of slugs in your garden. Slugs are one of the biggest threats to your garden when you have young plants. Usually slugs like to eat dead vegetation but they’re […]

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Essentials of Florida Gardening: Four Must-Have Ornamental Shrubs

Shrubs are an essential foundation plant. They will add color, appeal, and structure to your landscape, plus value and equity to your home. Florida homeowners have a large variety of plants to choose from, including trees and shrubs to enhance their landscapes. Shrubs are the backbone of your home’s landscape. Shrubs can provide foliage, flowers, […]

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