11 Home Repairs To Do After Moving To A New Place in Sacramento

Statistics indicate that Americans change houses over 11 times in their lifetimes, and around 40 million people move annually. Homeowners change dwellings for several reasons, e.g., marriage, employment, and better housing options. Sometimes people move cities, sometimes states, and sometimes just houses.

So, are you planning to relocate anytime soon?

Many Americans are worried about relocating because some studies show that moving is the most stressful event in a person’s life, even worse than a breakup. However, you can easily make this stressful situation exciting by making the necessary arrangements before relocating. Let’s talk about preparing your new home before moving in!

Domestic repairs after changing homes

Some recent surveys show that one in four homes need serious repairs. Possibly, the new house you’ve bought isn’t safe yet. Especially if you have moved cities or states – you don’t know the housing condition in your new city and what damages you need to beware of. That’s why making the following domestic repairs has become crucial for homeowners in 2023. You shouldn’t move into a house with your family without doing these repairs. So, you can easily make your abode livable and lovable after repairing its structure, appliances, and all other parts. In this blog, you shall read about twelve necessary domestic repair experts recommend now:

  1. Consider concrete issues

Unlevel concrete damages a residence’s functionality and harms the property’s aesthetics. That’s why professionals must fix patios, sidewalks, and driveways at your new place before you move in. Since you’ve moved to the sunny state of California, there is a good chance the concrete has suffered damage because of the sun. So find the concrete services Sacramento CA offers and contact these professionals for repairs. These experts don’t only repair existing damages but also install a pedestal paver system to prevent future complications.

So, this pedestal paver system diverts water from your roof, avoiding damage to your house. As your smaller damages, you can handle them on your own! But significant concrete repairs in the house are for professionals to solve. That’s why you must not shy away from calling experts.

  • Clean it thoroughly

Next, moving into a house is impossible unless you have cleaned it thoroughly. And we mean having the place deep-cleaned by professionals. It’s all about your family’s safety and well-being! You can’t have them live in an unsanitary apartment, and it doesn’t matter how clean the house looks since many germs may be hiding away from your view. Go into every nook and cranny of the house to give the place a careful cleansing.

  • Inspect smoke detectors

You can’t have smoke detectors in the dwelling malfunctioning. So, replace their batteries to ensure the smoke detector is working fine. Moreover, install radon detectors as well as a carbon monoxide detector. If the previous owner installed these detectors, ensure they don’t need to be repaired. Install new ones if the current ones are malfunctioning because you can’t risk the safety of your family members!

  • Locate the valves

Where is the main water shut-off valve located? It would help if you located the valve and ensured it works properly. Make any necessary repairs if you observe any operational failure since a shut-off valve needs to work fine in emergencies. For instance, plumbing leaks can become a nuisance! In Sacramento, a 2015 study says as much as 10% of water is lost due to these leaks.

  • Change the locks

Not exactly a domestic repair, but changing the locks is always safer. It’s simply because you don’t know who else has a copy of your house key, and you don’t want strangers to have any means to access your property. So, change the locks to ensure your family’s safety. Just remember that, as per stats, Sacramento’s crime rates in September 2020 were 51% higher than the national average. So it’s also wiser to ensure the well-being of your family by getting an alarm system for your house.

  • Replace drafty windows

It’s December, and drafty windows aren’t ideal for relocating with your family in winter. So, how to know if your windows are drafty? You should look for some of the following signs:

  • Condensation
  • Crooked windows
  • Cracked seals or panes
  • Curtains moving when the window isn’t even open

A quick fix involves replacing these forlorn windows with better ones. But this fix isn’t cost-effective. So, you can go with more economical domestic window repairs. Here are some easy solutions:

  • Reglaze the panes
  • Add a nice weatherstripping
  • Put some nail polish on the cracks
  • Buy a reliable window draft stopper
  • Tackle the flooring

Don’t forget about flooring repairs since it’s one of the most crucial parts of the house to fix. It involves lots of heavy-duty procedures and tiring stuff such as tiling, carpet cleaning, and refurbishing the house’s hardwood. It’s also time-consuming, mainly if you have already made the mistake of bringing furniture into the home. So, invest in a good self-storage unit where you can store your belongings (e.g., furniture) while professionals tackle all the flooring issues.

  • Change all filters

Heating and cooling filters don’t need to be repaired. Simply throw old filters out and install another one! A new filter costs a few dollars, but the damages caused by faulty filters sometimes exceed thousands of dollars! So, replacing the filters can prevent the HVAC system from overheating, so it makes sense to change them before moving into your new home.

  • Child-proof the house

Homeowners with toddlers shouldn’t waste a second; they must child-proof the house before moving into it. Baby-proofing the house has been deemed crucial by almost two-thirds of parents in a recent survey, and this repair starts by removing all those sharp objectives kids might access. It’s probably the most crucial domestic repair today, mainly if you have children aged 5-8 who like to run around the house carelessly.

  1. Renew the paint

Ah, yes! Renewing the paint seems like a minor but time-consuming endeavor. However, this simple domestic repair can refurbish the aesthetics of a house and turn it into the “dream home” your kids will love! You can repaint the house yourself or call professional painters to do the job.

  1. Tend to structural problems

Having structural problems doesn’t seem like something movers should easily ignore. However, considering their worth, you can keep these renovations for the end. Structural problems make any homeowner unwilling to invest in a house. However, if you have found structural issues after you have purchased the property, you may consider some renovations to repair them. Just don’t forget that it’s highly unsafe to move into a house with structural damage, such as the following:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Damaged drywall
  • Roof/water damage
  • The floors are sloppy


In conclusion, you have learned that moving into a new house with your family isn’t possible unless you have made some necessary repairs. So, you should repair concrete issues by calling professionals. Then you can move on to other problems such as broken fixtures, draft windows, and faded paint on the wall. Tackle the flooring expertly, change all filters, replace smoke detector batteries, and child-proof the new house properly. Don’t forget to have the place deep-cleaned before relocating and changing the locks to avoid future problems. Locate shut-off valves and ensure they’re working fine. Then you attend to some significant renovations such as structural problems. That’s how your house becomes decently liveable.